And so, almost without even realising it… the New Year is upon us! Let’s inaugurate this 2021 with the illusion of starting a new stage in which we value the small pleasures that life offers us. And one of those pleasures, of course, is enjoying a delicious meal with family or friends, those that have a beginning but not an end.

From the GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant, alongside the very best Mediterranean food, we offer a wide variety of desserts to finish any meal off with a sweet touch. The year 2021 begins and, with it, the leftovers from lunches or dinners return, where delicious desserts cannot be missed, to taste alone or to share with everyone else. We’ve included our favourites below to encourage you to visit our restaurant and enjoy which sounds most appealing to you! We’ll be waiting for you!

Tarta de la abuela

Filled with pastry cream and topped with a dollop of whipped cream…today you can see many variations of the authentic and Spanish classic “Tarta de la abuela”, or grandmother’s cake, made with buttery biscuits and chocolate. It is an ideal cake for chocolate lovers to enjoy a decadent dessert. The best part about ordering this cake at the GreenSuites Restaurant, is that it is loved by adults and children alike! The biscuits soaked in milk offer a soft texture accompanied by the sweet chocolate flavour, making this dessert a guaranteed success. Do you dare to enjoy it?

San Marcos Cake

San Marcos cake is a traditional treat passed down through generations! It is a moist and soft cake bathed in syrup, with two layers of filling, one of cream and another of truffle, and a delicious coating of toasted egg yolk. A true delight! In addition, this cake has its origin in the Castilian convent of San Marcos (León) and dates back to the 12th century and is well known throughout all areas of Spain. By following the steps to cook the cake, the toasted yolk, the cream, the truffle and the syrup, why try preparing it at home when you can enjoy a delicious dessert with friends on the terrace of our restaurant? Come and try it, to bring a sweet touch to your day!

Oven-Baked Cheesecake

Cheesecake never fails. Both for cheese lovers and for those who cannot resist a good piece of cake, everyone can enjoy this gastronomic delicacy. The combination of savoury and sweet makes this dessert special and adaptable to all tastes…enjoy it with red fruit jam, a touch of coconut or no sugar at all which are all exquisite! Perhaps this is why, whatever time of year it is, it is an ideal dessert for lunch or dinner. Would you like to try our cheese cake? At GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant we offer you a wide variety of homemade cakes made with a lot of care.

Chocolate Coulant (Lava Cake)

A delicious dessert both inside and out. And, if you haven’t tried it yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! For anyone unsure of what a “coulant” or “lava cake” is, it is a warm chocolate cake on the outside with a melted, gooey chocolate filling on the inside. The spectacular thing about this dessert, besides its incredible taste, is the effect of the volcano erupting when the coulant is broken and all the chocolate slides out. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

At our restaurant, we have a wide variety of sweets that will give your meal that final touch of elegance to enjoy with family or friends. Surely more than one will drool just looking at the desserts. You can also check out our menu for more details and discover the suggestions made by our chef Jesús Morillo. We’ll be waiting for you at the GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant!