Although there are some areas where people are still sporting shirts and the thermometer marks 25 degrees Celsius or higher, autumn has officially begun. Starting September 22nd, despite some lingering high temperatures, the fruits and veg have already begun to change in your local markets and grocers. Almost like a change of wardrobe, as the autumn season arrives, it’s time to say goodbye to watermelon and sweet corn and embrace new veggies like sweet potato, pumpkin, mushrooms and so many others! Want to learn how to stock your pantry or fridge with the best products for the season, you’re in the right place.

1. Red Mullet

Low in fat and high in flavour, red mullet is ideal for autumn and its varied recipes. Although its peak month is October, it is equally recommended throughout the season because it has nutritional characteristics high in iodine, which is very beneficial for our bodies. Want to know how to prepare red mullet? You can grill it with lemon and parsley and enjoy exquisite flavour from something low in fat, a rare combination in the sea species, or fill it with aromatic herbs and flashback to more traditional cuisine.

2. Oranges and tangerines

Although commonly found at the market year-round, this is the best time to enjoy oranges and tangerines. Precisely in autumn, when citrus fruits offer the very best taste. You should know that as the year goes on they sweeten their taste and go from being more acidic during October and November to being sweeter from December onwards. Oranges and tangerines are always a good choice for dessert, but if you want to go further and make a recipe, we’ve got a great one! You can caramelize slices with cocoa and cinnamon to conquer anyone’s sweet palate or add it in a cream of vegetables. What are you waiting for to try it?

3. Mushrooms

An essential pantry item, the vast majority of wild mushrooms are enjoyed during the autumn season and are an ideal complement to any recipe. From portobellos to chantarelles to king trumpets, there are many varieties of mushrooms available! If you need inspiration to get the most out of them in the kitchen, you can prepare a delicious homemade blend with different types of mushrooms or make a cream with common nuts. Try them out!

4. Sweet potato and pumpkin

Sweet potato is another blessing of the season, so it’s almost essential to take advantage of it! Besides tasting delicious, they have nutritional properties that are highly beneficial. Want to know how to use sweet potato in the kitchen? Easy! There are so many ways you can enjoy this root vegetable for example in creamy vegetable soup, crunchy sweet potato chips or to make an omelette. Right alongside the sweet potato is the pumpkin, the other starring vegetable of autumn cuisine. The options for pumpkin are endless as it can be added in pieces to a salad, roasted in the oven or steamed and it can be made into a puree which is perfect for soups, breads, cookies and pies alike! Each recipe more delicious than the next.

Whether you are a sweet or savoury lover, this season you can enjoy real gastronomic gems. Take note of these products and get our your shopping list so that you don’t lose your way in the supermarket and, above all, choose the richest ingredients that nature has to offer between September and December. Which one is your favourite?