Chef Jesús Morillo has designed eight plates that will be available at the restaurant from the 1st to the 7th of July, starring Almadraba Bluefin Tuna.

The restaurant GreenSuites Coffee in Seville is taking full advantage of the start of the Bluefin Tuna fish season, which begins in May and continues for a few months in full swing. The restaurant has organised special gastronomic days staring this seafood delicacy which will take place from the 1st until the 7th of July. The chef Jesús Morillo has designed eight different plates for each of the restaurant guests to enjoy.

During this gastronomic event, the restaurant will have a special menu available dedicated specifically to Bluefin Tuna, which will consist of eight plates carefully designed by chef Jesús Morillo. GreenSuites Coffee proposes diverse ways of enjoying the flavour of this Almadraba Bluefin Tuna for their restaurant guests. The chef has confirmed that he will utilise different sections of the fish and has adapted them appropriately to the best cooking method. As a result, this delicacy will be featured in dishes ranging from stews to smoked plates, sautéed in the skillet, marinated and even served raw.

In an attempt to highlight its flavour and characteristics, the GreenSuites Coffee chef explains “the time for eating fresh, wild Bluefin Tuna is very short and our idea is to host this event to take advantage of everything that this fish has to offer. In my opinion, the best for its characteristics and flavour.” For this reason, the special gastronomic event, starring one of the most exquisite fish, is organised from the 1st to the 7th of July.

“Our idea is to host this event to take advantage of everything that this fish has to offer. In my opinion, the best for its characteristics and flavour”, the chef explains.

During this time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Almadraba Bluefin Tuna from the menu of an assortment of different plates. Each one of these plates is a traditional recipe with a vanguard twist. “ Tuna is a very versatile fish and I try to take advantage of just some of its many components to stay true to tradition but also give it a modern touch”, explains chef Jesús Morillo.

The menu is composed of eight exquisite plates:

Marinated tuna sirloin tacos with ajoblanco garlic sauce and cantaloupe

The ajoblanco garlic sauce is a typical dish from Malaga, that the chef uses in this recipe to contrast the marinated tuna tacos, by adding a hint of sharp flavour. It also includes one more ingredient that has a lot of great flavour: the cantaloupe. This melon variety, according to Morillo, is chosen because“ It adds sweetness which counteracts and balances the entirety of all of the flavours.”

Tuna loin seared on both sides with vegetables

The loin is perhaps the part of the tuna that requires the least amount of cooking time. In fact, the chef at GreenSuites Coffee designed a plate whose preparation requires “very little cooking to be able to appreciate the magnificent flavour and is accompanied by vegetables such as broccolini, cauliflower, broccoli and asparagus.”

Salmorejo with bits of smoked tuna

Salmorejo, a cold tomato and garlic puree plate, is one of the most popular in Mediterranean cuisine. On this occasion, the traditional recipe has an added touch of Almadraba, as chef Jesús Morillo explains, “We use our salmorejo that we currently have on our summer menu and we add a touch of sea to it by substituting bits of ham with bits of smoked tuna.”

Tuna fish tale cooked in pork fat trimmings

Using the Bluefin Tuna as the main ingredient, this plate is very similar to the typical plate of pork cooked in its fat drippings, especially within the town of Barbate in Cadiz. In fact, it is served with a basket of bread for guests to spread and enjoy with the delicious plate.

Tuna Steak

This is a cut of tuna that encompasses three parts in one. The dischargeis the internal part of the dark loin, it is quite red in colour and has very little fat. The tarantelo forms part of the white loin and is less red in colour but has a bit of fat. Lastly, theventresca is the lowest part of the white loin and is where the highest percent of tuna fat is located.

Raw tuna plate: tartar, tataki and sashimi

Do you love Sushi? Then, you should try this combination of raw fish. In one plate, you can taste tartar, tataki and sashimi without having to choose between them.

Sautéed tuna fish roe cooked with a cream sauce

The chef has confessed that “This plate may not sound like a lot but it will definitely surprise you”. This plate consists of sautéed tuna fish roe, accompanied by a tuna cream sauce, which gives the entire dish a smooth consistency.

Tuna neck served with cooked onions

This is perhaps of one of the most popular forms of cooked tuna. However, do you know what part of the fish is used to prepare this plate? Chef Jesús Morillo utilises parts such as the neck and upper half of the tuna, given that “together they make a very flavourful combination”.

This event is a perfect opportunity to taste different recipes using tuna, but also to enjoy an extraordinary experience. Each one of the plates will take restaurant guests on an adventure to the very origin of one of the best products of Mediterranean cuisine. As Morillo highlights, tuna is considered one of the delicacies of the sea and is well known nationally as well as internationally. Do you want to try the very best Mediterranean food?

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