A sampling of sushi, selection of menu items and cocktails to celebrate the first anniversary of the Sevillian restaurant

On Friday, May 31st, GreenSuites Coffee celebrated its first anniversary. The restaurant and the only hotel located next to a golf course in Seville prepared numerous events to welcome many of Seville’s most important people. It has been a year full of experiences and where many projects have been developed at the hand of chef, Jesús Morillo, who has demonstrated his emotion and dedication.

The events that took place for the first anniversary of GreenSuites Coffee were held on site and started off with a sampling of sushi, which was followed by a selection of items to choose from the dinner menu, which had no shortage of modern Mediterranean inspiration. Later on, each guest was treated to a drink, which did not lack Bruni Collins Gin where world champion of cocktails, Manolo Martins, prepared different combinations. Throughout the entire evening, guests had live music and enjoyed an unforgettable celebration.

Many of Seville’s finest were present at the first anniversary of GreenSuites Coffee, held in the Southern Sevillian Capital, including golf lovers, business men and woman, influencers and friends of GreenSuites. The directors and clients of the restaurant and hotel were also present for the celebration.

José Manuel García, partner of the GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant, assured that “If we had to make an annual report, it would widely cover the expectations that we had and mainly based on the response we have gotten”.  He argued that it not only refers to the number of clients that they have received, but also the quality of the service that has been guaranteed, which has been the motivation for ensuring that customers leave with a good taste in their mouth.

Throughout this year, there have been a wide variety of people from varying worlds seated at the tables of GreenSuites Coffee, from bullfighters and other athletes to singers and many more. Each and every one of them have enjoyed meals and sampled the chef’s suggestions, while emphasising the innovation of each plate, without losing the essence or flavour of the Mediterranean. That is undoubtedly, one of the most meaningful elements of the restaurant and what he and his team work toward daily.

The Green Sevilla Restaurant uses high quality raw materials for each one of the plates elaborated. The essence of the plates is based on that idea but also others like wanting to share new sensations of traditional Mediterranean gastronomy with a unique touch. Combined with all of that, the intent is to activate the five senses of each person dining that choose Green Sevilla as the restaurant to enjoy a different meal or to have a drink, while admiring a Sevillian sunset on the terrace.

Morillo has always been linked with the city, as he received his academic education at the Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Sevilla (Higher Education School of Hospitality in Seville). His professionalism and experience have paved the way for him to work in Michelin star restaurant kitchens, until beginning his work with the family at Green Sevilla.

“My principal objective for my kitchen is to arouse sensations from childhood foods, while adding a distinguished and modern touch”, states the chef. Likewise, he has highlighted that the ingredients that are most inspiring, when creating a plate, are Mediterranean products like tomatoes, spices, rice or fresh fish among many other things.

“My principal objective for my kitchen is to arouse sensations from childhood foods, while adding a distinguished and modern touch”, states the chef.

The next year brings new challenges. “We will continue to make an effort for the clients to feel that my home is also their home”, assures José Manuel García, partner of the GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant.

This popular meeting space has an extensive program of events scheduled for this summer.