Choosing which wine to accompany your meal will vary according to the combination of the different dishes you wish to enjoy. From the GreenSuites Restaurant, we will explain the general guidelines that you should follow in order to enjoy a full and satisfactory gastronomic experience. Don’t miss out on the perfect pairing for your next meal!

In search of the ideal balance

Pairing, in the world of gastronomy, refers to the perfect balance between the wine and the dish. As a visual representation, it would be like a balance suspended at the same height between the nuances and smells of a certain wine and the flavours and textures of a dish. You might think that choosing one wine, or on the contrary, not choosing another type of wine seems intuitive but nothing could be further from the truth. It is important to choose the right drink to accompany a meal in order to fully enjoy a satisfactory and balanced gastronomic experience. 

The truth is that there is currently no hard and fast rule for pairing a meal ideally, since several senses intervene in this process, such as smell and taste through perception – individual and subjective – of the aromas and flavours that each food and wine offer. However, it is also true that, with the passing of time, a series of unwritten rules have been established that are accepted by the majority of society. Therefore, when selecting the perfect combination between a wine and a dish, we will always try to find the union that enhances the flavour and harmony of both.

Wine and Climate

In addition to the characteristics of the aromas of the wine and combination with the flavours of the plate of food, the selection of one wine or another can also vary depending on the meteorological climate in which you are located. In order to ensure a great choice. We’ve detailed a few of those factors below:

With low temperatures typical of wintertime, it is generally preferable to drink a warm wine. Just as our body leans towards warm meals, our palate desires the same. In this sense, it is suggested to go with a red wine, specifically with greater body and complexity. With a wide variety of wines, they are usually served with stews, fish, creams or soups. Ideally, the more fatty a dish is, the more full-bodied the wine that accompanies it should be.

On the contrary, in summer and with high temperatures marking the thermometer, one should order a lighter wine and fresher foods. In the same way that our body seeks more refreshing foods, we must accompany the food with the same level of freshness. To this end, the wines that are most successful during the hot months of the year are those belonging to the white or rosé variety. However, this does not mean that it is not possible to choose a red wine as well, as long as the combination with the food and the temperature are appropriate.

In short, young red wines tend to be more fruity and less structured than reds that have been aged for a long time, which are tannic wines with concentrated flavours. Likewise, rosés can be a perfect accompaniment for Mediterranean meals and white wines for fish, seafood and poultry.

Which to choose first, the dish or the wine?

With such a wide variety of selections available, our recommendation is that, if you are going to choose only one wine at a meal, you should opt for one that will go well with the main course. In this case, a simple, full-bodied wine with the right alcohol content at the time would be preferable. In general, light wines should be enjoyed before full-bodied wines, while fresh wines should be finished before those consumed at room temperature.

Three wines are needed to complete a meal to its fullest: For starters and fish, you should choose a white or rosé wine, and for main dishes with a strong character you should choose two reds. The general recommendation is to have a dry wine at the beginning and a sweet at the end. However, the book of tastes is a blank page, so let yourself be moved by your preferences and come and enjoy whichever you like best at our GreenSuites Restaurant. We’ll be waiting for you!