The start of September means the end of holiday season, but at GreenSuites Coffee we want to send summer off right by throwing an unforgettable event. This Friday, September 20th we are hosting an Ibizan White Party alongside a delicious Mediterranean dinner. You will not want to miss it!

The Whitest Night

As the summer season comes to an end, we want to give it the farewell it deserves by throwing one last party that leaves everyone with a good taste in their mouth. We have organised a dinner party where the colour white is the true protagonist of the event.

When preparing for the best version of an Ibizan white party, it is important to keep various factors in mind. Party guests should be above age, although it is possible for children to be accompanied by an adult, the dinner party is geared toward guests above the age of 18. The environment, lively and fun, as it will be flooded with the white outfits of each guest in attendance. The food, as always, will have the best Mediterranean flavour, accompanied later by a drink prepared by the restaurant cocktail bar.

No Clashing: White Is the Colour

The origin of this Ibizan party is said to have come from the white clothing used for regional celebrations on the Island of Ibiza. It was in the 70s, when a trend called “moda adlib” began, which asserted that one could dress as they pleased, provided that style was considered and taken care of.

It is unlike a Hawaiian party in that there is no colour. The only colour of your outfit should be white. It is also not a costume party, so in addition to being white, it needs to be glamorous. To make choosing your clothing simpler, we have provided a list of seven fashion tips that will help you blow everyone away and avoid clashing at the dinner event:

1. Dress in White

This is a necessary requirement for attending our Ibizan White Party. You may choose a variety of white clothing from a dress that complements your personality to a nice white shirt made of light material.

2. Choose Light Material

It is always more advisable to choose clothing made of lighter material that you can easily move around in, which will give your look a more “cool” touch for the occasion. A good option may be to choose white slack pants with an airy style.

3. Long or Short

There are often myriad questions that go along with choosing whether to dress in a long or short dress, shirt or pants. Common protocol for Ibizan parties is not the same as it is for weddings, which says that one should wear shorter clothing if it is during the day and longer if it is at night. A “white party” provides more freedom such as a short dress at night or even a long dress during the day, as long as it is white. Pants or trousers can be both long or short, as long as they are lighter in material.

4. Not Just Dresses

Clearly, a dress is the most common form of clothing worn by women at Ibizan festivals, but there are other options such as palazzo pants and a short top, or a mini skirt with a dress shirt with 3/4 length sleeves. This will also help you stand out from the crowd from those who choose dresses. It is also possible to wear a dress mao collar shirt which would provide a fresh but appropriate touch to the party.

5. Accessories

Accessories are key for this event, because the outfit is one coloured and may be the only way to give your look a special touch. For this occasion, the recommendation is to use a wood complements or an ethnic touch such as brown strappy sandals or wedges, brown dress shoes, white alpargatas or canvas shoes.

6. Hair

Flower wreaths or crowns are always a trend at these parties and are a sure hit to wear as a hair accessory. They provide a natural touch for any hair length and this event is a perfect excuse to adorn your white outfit with one, giving your look new life for the Ibizan white party.

7. The Icing on the Cake

Without a doubt, there is no better complement to your look than hair that is cared for with light and natural waves, hydrated and healthy looking skin, light makeup, for the ladies, that highlights those features you love best and of course, as a final touch, a hint of perfume or cologne to not go unnoticed at the event.

Ibizan White Party