Tableware is an essential element of any elegant table, both for everyday use and for special occasions. Considered to be a set of elements intended for serving on the table, tableware has a practical function, such as serving the food in question, but can also be a decorative addition to show off a complete and attractive design.

Regarding the materials, there is a wide variety on the market. In general, everyday dishes are made of ceramic or earthenware. While porcelain pieces are usually reserved for more special occasions. Want to know more about the importance of good tableware? Read on!

Pieces in a common tableware set

A tableware set must have at least three types of pieces: a dinner plate, a soup plate and a dessert plate. If you are thinking of updating your dishware and don’t know where to start, follow these recommendations. Start by looking for these 3 types of plates since, with them, you will have a large part of the needs covered both practically and aesthetically. Want more details about plate size and design? Below we explain the characteristics that each one of them should have, so start taking notes:

1. Flat dinner plate

Depending on the design of the tableware, the size can range from 21 to 25 centimetres in diameter. However, the most avant-garde restaurants are adopting new shapes and sizes for these dishes so, there is not a general rule for everyone.

2. Soup Plate

Similar to flat dinner plates, there is no hard and fast rule. They should be a little smaller than the dinner plates, between 20 and 24 centimetres in diameter. They are used to serve liquids and thick preparations, such as a puree or creamy soup.

3. Dessert plate

The defining characteristic of these plates are the size. They are small flat plates. In this case, their size can vary between 14 and 20 centimetres in diameter. But, as in the previous cases, everything is possible depending on the design of the corresponding tableware.

Meanwhile, if you already have these pieces of tableware and want to go further, you can complete this set of pieces with other dishware often used for more special occasions. This is the case for soup bowls and additional soup elements, sauce boats or even more original pieces to complete a set such as salad bowls, napkin holders or special dishes to serve specific meals.

How should the dishes be placed?

Everyone can agree that a proper table setting attracts attention, so taking care to present food appropriately is almost as fundamental as preparing a good meal. As it is commonly stated, we eat with our eyes, that is to say, as soon as we see a table set or a dish served, we begin to feel sensations that come to us through the different shapes and colours.

When faced with the dilemma of how to place the different pieces, you have to take into account the following issues. First of all, although it may seem obvious, the dishes must be clean and free of cracks or scratches. Secondly, you can place what is known as a “filling plate” simply for presentation since it will be removed when the food is served. Thirdly, if you are going to place a small plate for the bread, you must do it in the upper left corner, just above the cutlery, in this case, the forks. In addition, this small plate can be accompanied by a small dessert knife, to be able to spread the butter on the bread, if it is the case. Finally, the only thing left will be to enjoy a delicious meal in good company!