When we eat, we are not just tasting food; sight, sound, smell and touch also come into play at the table. At the very core of our GreenSuites kitchen is special dedication and quality natural ingredients as the basis for each plate along side Mediterranean inspiration.

In this way, the priority is for each plate to provide new sensations in every bite, filled with the best flavours of traditional Mediterranean Gastronomy. According to the kitchen chef, Jesús Morillo, the distinguishing touch lies in the aim toward  “a lunch and dinner menu with a modern Mediterranean inspiration”.

“A lunch and dinner menu with a modern Mediterranean inspiration”.

Quality Natural Ingredients and Mediterranean Inspiration

In order to serve flavourful and healthy food products, it is essential to know how to choose correctly in order to enjoy truly authentic Spanish items and all natural ingredients. This will help you to create a selection of the best traditional Spanish foods.

Moreover, Green Suites offers a cocktail service which is ideal for sunset evenings on the terrace. Our terrace is the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful haven while enjoying the best of Mediterranean cuisine.

Enjoying a few plates of gourmet food with friends on our terrace just may be the best way to enjoy the day. The plan sounds irresistible, you will eat well and feel comfortable.