We are always aware that our guests love varied plates that are a step above the rest. For that reason, from the GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant, we’re presenting a recommended meal option right from our own menu of delicious dishes and desserts. This way, you can better understand the plates we offer. However, as you know, to truly understand a dish in full, you’ll need to taste it. We’ll be waiting for you!

Toasted focaccia with smoked sardine over mashed avocado

Looking for a delicious first course that will satisfy your appetite but leave room for the next course? From GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant, we recommend this focaccia toast with smoked sardines served over tasty avocado because we know you will love it! The combination of the crispy focaccia toast, the savoury punch of the sardine and the freshness of the avocado will stir your senses and make you enjoy every last bite.

As you know, focaccia is a flat bread flavoured with herbs originating from Italian cuisine. In this dish, it serves as a crunchy base providing a spectacular texture and a full aroma that will take your taste buds to Italy. In case you were curious, the dough is simply made with flour, olive oil, rosemary and salt, a delight for the palate that mixes savoury with creamy. If you order this dish, you won’t regret it.

Garlic shrimp and noodle wok served with an omelette

As a second course, we suggest an Asian-Spanish fusion recipe with a lot of personality. It starts with a wok of noodles with garlic shrimp and omelette, a fusion of flavours and textures that will take you to China, by way of Spain when you taste each component of this delicious dish. The typical fine noodles of oriental origin, act as the base for this dish full of different aromas in a healthy and delicious stir-fry. What more could one ask for?

It’s no surprise that noodles and shrimp go hand in hand in this dish since they are the culinary duo that best complement each other providing flavour and freshness in equal parts. But, if we add to this wonderful mix, one of the most distinguished preparations of Spanish gastronomy, the omelette, we get a combination that can hardly be described with words. It must be tasted!

Lime and basil slush with rum pineapple and piña colada sorbet

Every self-respecting menu must have a grand finale. From the GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant, we suggest you try this fresh dessert to fight the summer heat and cool you off. If you love citrus flavours and you’re a fan of slushies, you are in the right place! This lime and basil slushie with rum pineapple and piña colada sorbet is the very best option.

The combination of cool and fresh textures are brought together with varied flavours and give you the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing dessert rich in vitamins and minerals due to the high content of pineapple that it has. Now is the chance to enjoy something truly original and tasty. What are you waiting for? Come to GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant and enjoy something delicious from our menu today!