Just like that, in the blink of an eye, It’s Christmastime! The festivities are just around the corner and with that your work and friend groups will want to organise Christmas get-togethers and dinners. At GreenSuites Coffee, we are offering special menus so that you can enjoy the very best of Mediterranean cuisine at your events. 

This time of year, whether you are just beginning or an expert at event organization, if you have planned a Christmas dinner before or not, at one point or another we all have the same issue: how should I plan the Christmas menu? There are many meals and dinners during the Christmas season, from Christmas Eve to Three Kings Day. If you’re reading this, it’s most likely because you’ve been chosen to organise one of these. Don’t worry, we’ve got a few suggestions to help you organise the party and for everything to go perfectly with GreenSuites Coffee.

This Christmas, GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant

Thinking about the different menus for this Christmas season? We have some irresistible suggestions. Each year, at the GreenSuites Coffee restaurant we want to offer you different options with which to make your Christmas menu that fits everyone’s tastes.

To make sure that everyone is impressed, the menus are formed with a large selection of plates in which the Mediterranean flavor is guaranteed. No three course meals of appetizers, entrees or desserts. Our proposal includes plates to share so that each guest can enjoy a variety of plates.

Whichever menu you choose, each plate contains different flavors so that no guest will remain unsatisfied from simple recipes to complex elaborations. Additionally, much like any other events we will have a happy ending with a selection of delicious sweet desserts.

This holiday season, whether it be a meal with friends, family or a work get together, it is important choose the best option. Here at GreenSuites Coffee restaurant, we guarantee to serve delicious and healthy options for you to savour authentic Spanish grown products and the best natural ingredients on our plates. Our Christmas menus  include plates elaborated with traditional Spanish items so that the best Mediterranean flavours highlight you table.