To get your lunch or dinner started, more often than not, it’s common to begin with tasty appetizers to share. Place them in the middle and everyone grabs as much or as little as they like. From the GreenSuites Restaurant, we want to offer you the best options to share and try that everyone will enjoy including vegetables, croquettes, cheeses and much more. A complete and wide variety that will suit any group. Ready to dig in an enjoy some of these dishes? Keep reading to find out which to enjoy first!

Ensaladilla in a Whiskey Sauce with Fried Glass Prawns

For your first course, from the GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant, we propose an option that never fails among family or friends — Spanish potato salad (ensaladilla) in a whisky sauce with fried glass prawns. A typical Spanish dish with a spectacular addition that will impress everyone at the table, thanks to the crunchy touch of fried glass prawns. This dish is very easy to serve in the centre and share amongst everyone. Take the opportunity to order a gastronomic classic in Spain, like ensaladilla, with an original and unique taste, ideal for getting your appetite going in our restaurant!

Spanish Cheese Plate with Homemade Jam

When it comes to different tastes, everyone seems to have their own, but the wonderful thing about cheese is that there are plenty of different varieties to go around. That makes this cheese platter an excellent choice made with different types for everyone at the table to enjoy. Cheese can be exquisite if enjoyed on its own, but when combined with the extra sweetness and smooth texture of the jam…it might just leave you speechless! This cheese board is another excellent option for an appetizer or snack on our terrace, before ordering the main course, if you want to try different dishes with different nuances. An incredible combination of sweet and savoury, we’ll be waiting for you at GreenSuites Restaurant!

Iberian Ham Croquettes

Spain offers wonderful ingredients and dishes, but if we had to make a list of the Top 5 most popular dishes, without a doubt, croquettes with Iberian ham would be high on the list. The fusion between delicious crispy croquettes and the flavour of the ham make this dish completely irresistible. This made-in-Spain delicacy is a dish that can be enjoyed again and again on many different occasions. The creaminess and crunchy touch make these croquettes the perfect allies to conquer any palate.

Tomatoes from Almeria with Mackerel

Delicious pink tomatoes from Almeria, Spain are currently one of the most coveted varieties of tomatoes, for their size, flavour and texture. They are larger in size than the red vine tomato, with a pinkish tone that makes it eye-catching with a fleshy texture. If you haven’t tried this exquisite tomato, now is your chance! Enjoy a pleasant evening on the terrace of the GreenSuites Restaurant and try this pink tomato from Almeria with melva, or mackerel, to start the meal in the best possible way. What are you waiting for?