Eating well is a pleasure that is within reach of all those who enjoy traditional recipes still prepared today. Rice is one of the most delicious and nutritious ingredients that we can include in our diet, and it is also a dish that never fails. For this reason, at the GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant, we’re celebrating “Rice Thursdays” every Thursday, offering an exquisite rice recipe prepared by our chef Jesus Morillo. To enjoy them, all you need to do is come to the restaurant! Want to know more about just a few of the excellent dishes made so far? Keep reading to find out!

Exquisite rice dish selection

1. Arroz a banda: Rice with duck magret, milk cap mushrooms and foie

At the GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant, we support using seasonal ingredients and mushrooms are one of the best autumn produce, and of course, we could not pass up the opportunity to use them. Three types of mushrooms have been used for this dish of “arroz a banda” with duck magret, milk cap mushrooms and foie: milk caps, chantarelle and hedgehog mushroom. In this case, the milk cap mushrooms greatly enhance the flavour of the rice, which makes for a spectacular result. In addition to mushrooms, duck magret and foie gras give the palate a special touch that has impressed everyone who has tried it.

2. Arroz negro (Black rice)

Arroz Negro, a traditional rice dish originating from Spanish Levante, has flooded kitchens throughout Spain on account of its differing taste and appearance from other classic rice dishes. It is prepared with fish stock and calamari. The characteristic black colour is achieved thanks to ink from the cuttlefish and squid, which manage to unite an ideal combination of flavour and presentation on the same plate. From GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant, you can count on “Rice Thursdays” for delicious recipes and arroz negro is one of them. It is common to serve this rice with a little aioli sauce on the side.

3. Arroz a banda: Rice with spinach, cockle, razor clams and salicornia (sea beans)

Just like any other rice dish containing fish, it is necessary to start with a good base of fish stock. The key to achieving a spectacular result is to incorporate a very concentrated and flavourful stock made from fish bones and heads in a small amount of water. In addition, in this case, the fish stock used has a special touch of colour, the green, which is extracted from the spinach. Between the flavour and the colour, an ideal fish fumet is obtained for this rice with spinach, cockles, razor clams and Salicornia (or sea beans).

4. Arroz seco: dried rice with vegetables

This rice dish, also called vegetable rice, starts with a base of delicious concentrated vegetable broth which enhances the flavour of the other ingredients, thus creating an exquisite plate of rice. In addition, this rice is garnished with mini vegetables, including leek, carrot, artichoke, scallion and shallot, which have been previously steamed before adding in. This dish is, without a doubt, an explosion of flavours that makes for a surprisingly healthy dish!

5. Arroz seco: dried rice with squid, milk cap mushrooms, sausage, artichokes and Romesco sauce

Also known as “the sea and mountains” because it contains ingredients from both the sea and land, this dried rice makes a spectacular dish with contrasting tastes between the squid and the intense aroma of the mushrooms. Additionally, the savoury Romesco sauce, of Catalan origin made with roasted tomatoes, garlic, nuts, toasted bread and vinegar, gives this rice a unique touch. As is usual with dried rice, a “bomba” variety in Spain is used to absorb the flavours of the other ingredients and a vegetable sofrito, which makes this dish an ideal option to savour at the GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant.

6. Creamy spinach and parmesan rice

This spinach and Parmesan rice is incredibly creamy with a characteristic green colour. This colour is obtained after blanching the spinach and finally liquefying it, which makes for a bright and vibrant green colour and an attractive dish. The difference between creamy rice and risotto? Traditional risotto, no matter what type it is, contains white wine, Parmesan and butter, while a creamy rice is one to which some type of fat is added, either extra virgin olive oil, butter or cream, depending on the sweetness you want to achieve, and cheese, to obtain a creamy final result.

Dare to try some of the rice dishes we prepare at GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant? Don’t hesitate to come and enjoy the rice cooked by our chef Jesús Morillo in our quiet and open terrace. You won’t regret meeting us on Rice Thursdays!