Is there any better way to end a meal than with a delicious and original ice cream? Especially when the temperatures start to rise, nothing sounds more appetizing than a refreshing bowl of cool ice cream. If you’re an ice cream fan, you’ve most likely tried the classics: chocolate, vanilla, mint chip, strawberry…but have you ever ventured to try something on the menu that might not be a stereotypical flavour? At GreenSuites Coffee Restaurant we’ve compiled a list of the top 4 strangest flavoured ice creams that are worth a try at least once in your life! Want to find out what they are? 

Caviar Ice Cream 

Original and authentic, caviar ice cream is among the most special and sophisticated flavours of ice cream you can find on any menu. It is mostly made from sturgeon caviar, which makes it a luxurious delicacy. And as is often the case with exquisite ingredients, this caviar ice cream generates debate as to whether the refreshing dessert will live up to the original product. Would you dare to try it?

Spanish Omelette with Potato Ice Cream 

The classic Spanish omelette with potato is one of the most characteristic dishes of Spanish gastronomy, as well as one of the most controversial amongst consumers in the “with or without onions” debate. In reality, there are many different ways of preparing a potato omelette and among them are those who have experimented in the kitchen by making this flavour in a completely new way: potato omelette ice cream! In this case, the debate about how well done the eggs should be is put on the backburner. This flavour brings a new savouriness to the table that just might be a delicious ice cream, you’ll just have to try it for yourself to find out. 

Beer Ice Cream

Without a doubt, beer ice cream is one of the most controversial original flavours of all time as it has a wide variety of people who are all for it and those who aren’t. Those who enjoy beer as a refreshing drink with its foam, gas and the right temperature are precisely those who are most surprised when they learn about the existence of this ice cream flavour. The truth is that until you really try it, you won’t know if its creators have actually made the product to taste. Dare to taste it and discover another new flavour?  

Carrot Ice Cream 

Another case of a unique and original flavour where there are any: carrot ice cream. Nowadays, it is common to see carrot cake on the menu of restaurants or cafes but carrot ice cream is still not very widespread among gastronomic tastes. So, why not give this ice cream a chance and enjoy carrot in an innovative way that is a bit different to how it is usually consumed?  Of course, if you are a lover of all things carrot, chances are you’ll enjoy this dessert as well.